Love your customer

Episode 13 February 14, 2022 00:09:27
Love your customer
Secure Payments
Love your customer

Feb 14 2022 | 00:09:27


Show Notes

In this episode PCI Pal's SVP Global Marketing, Jane Goodayle, discusses how excellent customer experiences can be maintained in tandem with the best practice in payment security.

A common concern we hear when organisations review their payment security technology is the potential disruption to the end user.

Nothing sees customers' trust erode quicker than their personal data being stolen. With loyalty on the line, there is no bigger challenge for a business than the fall-out of a data breach. 

It's time to invest in customer relationships. At what intersections do compliance and customer experience combine? Can they ever be a match made in heaven or will one always compromise the other? Today we explore five security and CX potions to make your customers love you.

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