Payments 22: The Future of Security and CX

Episode 14 March 30, 2022 00:41:04
Payments 22: The Future of Security and CX
Secure Payments
Payments 22: The Future of Security and CX

Mar 30 2022 | 00:41:04


Show Notes

We recently held our inaugural virtual event Payments: The Future of Security and CX.


Speakers from our global ecosystem came together to discuss the trends in the market, showcase innovative solutions, and provide insights into the future of payment security and compliance.


In this episode we are joined by some of the event’s speakers where, together, we delve further into the pressing topics for the payments and CX industries in 2022.


Guests include:

Jennifer Rossi – Senior Sales Executive, Worldpay

Mayur Pitamber – Senior Director of International Product Marketing, 8x8

Colin Crowley – CX Advisor, Freshworks

Jayesh Patel - PCI Pal Advisory Committee

Paul Rogers - Chairman, Vendorcom

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