Payments: The Future of Security and CX

Episode 5 March 16, 2021 00:24:25
Payments: The Future of Security and CX
Secure Payments
Payments: The Future of Security and CX

Show Notes

PCI Pal recently held its inaugural virtual conference 'Payments: The Future of Security and CX'.

Attendees from around the globe gathered to discuss and learn about the future of payment security and customer experience. We invited industry experts to host breakout sessions during the conference, sharing their views and insights on the future of payments, compliance, security and customer experience within the contact centre and wider business communications environments.

In this epsiode we follow up with some of the event's contributors and probe them further on their views and predictions around the future of payment security and customer experience.  

Guests include:

Ciske Van Oosten, Head of Global Business Intelligence, Verizon

Neira Jones, PCI Pal Advisory Committee Member, PCI Pal

James Tessier, Marketing Insights Lead, Oracle Enterprise Communications

Cory Haynes, VP of Financial Service & Insurance Strategy, Talkdesk

Eric Bushman, VP Solutions Engineering, Worldpay from FIS


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