Post Pandemic Payments

Episode 6 April 22, 2021 00:19:10
Secure Payments
Post Pandemic Payments

Show Notes

In this short episode host, Jane Goodayle, is joined by industry experts to discuss the changes to payments, security and customer experience as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Are remote contact centre agents here to stay? If so, how can businesses ensure payments are secure?

Has the pandemic changed customer expectations?

How has the pandemic impacted the world of payments and security? 

Are these changes permanent?

Guests include:
Ciske Van Oosten, Head of Global Business Intelligence, Verizon
Neira Jones, PCI Pal Advisory Committee Member, PCI Pal
James Tessier, Marketing Insights Lead, Oracle 
Cory Haynes, VP of Financial Service & Insurance Strategy, Talkdesk
Eric Bushman, VP Solutions Engineering, Worldpay from FIS
Geoff Forsyth, CISO, PCI Pal


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