Securing payments in 2021 Australia

Episode 9 July 21, 2021 00:15:10
Securing payments in 2021 Australia
Secure Payments
Securing payments in 2021 Australia

Jul 21 2021 | 00:15:10


Show Notes

Hackers work around the clock to steal data for profit and these opportunistic cybercriminals are further capitalising on remote working situations. Australian Consumers are rightfully holding businesses accountable for lax data security practices.

Join PCI Pal’s CISO, Geoff Forsyth, and Len Power, Channel Account Manager at Comms Channel, in this latest instalment of ‘Secure Payments’. They will discuss the state of payment security within Australian contact centres, and how they can meet the highest compliance and security standards in order to build and maintain customer loyalty and trust.

Listeners will learn:

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