Working Smarter - Are you PCI Compliant?

Episode 11 November 30, 2021 00:30:08
Working Smarter - Are you PCI Compliant?
Secure Payments
Working Smarter - Are you PCI Compliant?

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This episode is taken from Calabrio's 'Working Smarter' podcast. PCI Pal's Chief Revenue Officer, Darren Gill, joins Calabrio to discuss PCI Compliance and common misconceptions around the standard before offering businesses advice on how to secure card payments.

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The latest episode ‘Five Agenda Items for CISOs in 2021’ is hosted by PCI Pal's own chief information security officer, Geoff Forsyth, who discusses the key topics on his ‘to do list’ right now.  The top five topics that CISOs should be thinking about as we enter 2021: Brexit and the ramifications for payment security now we are out of the EU. The Max Schrems II ruling and new SCCs.  Compliance in the cloud – planning to move your IT infrastructure over to the public cloud this year?  Some compliance guidance from Geoff as you start that journey Remote Working – a hot topic of 2020 that has accelerated the pace of change, what you need to know regarding securing payments from anywhere. PSD2 – ‘Soft Declines’, SCA Exemptions and 3DS2.2 Lots of buzzwords and deadline extension pushbacks. What is it all about and what do you need to do? Preparing for PCI DSS 4.0. Security as a continuous process. Replacing compensating controls with a customised approach. ...


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Data breaches and cyberattacks occur on a daily basis and are something every organisation must prepare against. The Public Sector and government departments are, of course, no different. Although the reputational damage and financial consequences of a data breach may be difficult to bear. Ensuring adequate measures are therefore in place to safeguard data is a must, particularly when you take into consideration the significant amount of personal data these types of organisations hold on members of the public. In this podcast, Jane Goodayle is joined by Phil Painting from Civica to discuss the common difficulties public sector organisations face when it comes to securing payments and adhering to PCI DSS. They look into why it is crucial that systems and processes are in place to protect customer information and to ensure your organisation complies with the very latest data protection and security compliance guidance and regulations. ...