2022: Striking the Right CX and Security Balance

Episode 12 January 14, 2022 00:06:03
2022: Striking the Right CX and Security Balance
Secure Payments
2022: Striking the Right CX and Security Balance

Show Notes

The pandemic has forced many organisations to change how they interact with their customers. Many retailers, for example, adopted a direct-to-consumer approach, using apps and social media in place of physical outlets.

A significant number of organisations have retained remote workforces – or at least hybrid working – and these shifts have demanded a fresh approach to customer experience strategies, with an emphasis on delivering a seamless customer experience no matter where agents or customer services teams are located. Part of this is to ensure that security is woven into the heart of all customer interactions – particularly when handling customers’ card payments.

As we enter 2022, consumers want businesses to ensure their personal data, including payment information is safe, and businesses need to have a concrete game plan in motion to make consumers feel secure. 

In this short episode, PCI Pal’s Data Protection Officer, Innes French, provides predictions that all CX managers should consider in order to strike a balance between providing a frictionless customer experience with the security measures that customers expect and compliance regulators will be auditing.



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